Advance your consulting career over lunch.

We equip consultants with tools to grow their competitive advantage by embedding circular economy principles into their work.
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Circular Economy Seminars

Lunch and Learn session are developed to inspire consultants, show how embedding princeaples of the circulare economy and an integrally applied idea on sustainability will create wins for your career and what is offers to consultants clients as competive advantage.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • Special and purposeful lunch
  • Sharing thought about food and environmental impact, facilitated by chef
    Edwin Sander at ‘food creativ’
  • Introduction on applied sustainability and circularity, with examples
  • More insights and interaction on potential and competitive advantage creation of you as a consultant and you clients businesses

In depth seminars

  • Inspirational story & bullits…
  • Learn how sustainability is commercial interesting for your clients, thus your job
  • Three hours session
  • In house session catering
  • 15-20 people
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